Male Grooming

Men's Eve Taylor Facials

At Well Gel Nails we offer our gentlemen a choice of facials using tailor made products for men in mind using the ET for men range.

ET Sports Facial    £17

30 minute treatment including cleanse, tone, exfoilate, mask and moisturise.

ET Conditioning and stress relief Facial    £35

​Condition your skin, banish spots and blackheads whilst relieving stress.

1hr treatment includes cleanse, tone, exfoilate, massage, mask and moisturise.

ET Deep Cleansing Facial    £40

Great facial for really deep cleansing the skin and getting rid of impurities.

1hr 15 mins treatment includes, cleanse, tone, exfoilate, steam, blackhead removal, mask, massage and moisturise.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment    £20

30 min treatment, back is cleansed, exfoilated, steamed, impurities removed,

back mask and moisturised.

Men's Waxing

Back waxing    £20

Chest waxing   £15

Chest and stomach wax    £20

Shoulder wax    £8

Nasal wax    £5

​Eyebrow wax    £5


​Full body    £38

Back and shoulders    £20

Male Manicure    £12

Cleansing hand soak, wet cuticle (skin around nail) tidy, nail shape, moisturising massage

​and nail buff to finish.

Cut, File and Cuticle Tidy    £10

Spray Tan

Sienna X Full Body Tan    £20

Sienna X Half Body    £10